Desperate Moves by Rogue Nation States in the Heat of Battle

Rogue nation-states of the world are indeed often extremely boisterous and their rhetoric is often very negative. Once such a nation pushed too hard against the free-world there is a good chance of political impasse leading to war. In the midst of the conflict, the rogue nation will sometimes become desperate as the world closes in on them.

One last ditch tactic of a nation-state defending itself might be to take out “all” communication on both sides, for instance attempt to “flash” the satellites and send a large rocket up very high with a huge electromagnetic pulse or many such rockets simultaneously. The goal here would be to remove all communication and render the smart munitions useless, wipe out Aircraft Carrier Communication, remove local AWACS and net-centric battlespace communication systems and hope to fight a more old style war with what ever the defending nation has left.

Would such a strategy work? Well, for a while, but remember that Aircraft Carriers have all sorts of back up systems and are protected and submarines could surface and be used in their place by way of relay. AWACS could be fully operational with new units in 4-6 hours. Aircraft below the deck of the air craft carrier would be still in tact and could be launched in a very short time period.

As our Think Tank ran all these scenarios, the amount of redundancy and capabilities of the present US systems would be up to 90% within such a short proximity that it would be a very bad move for the defending army. Of course desperate folks do desperate things and you just never know. Perhaps this is why the US Military is ready for these sorts of things? We must be thinking here.

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