Lance Rants that the US Cannot Be Bullied By Nation States Which Sponsor International Terrorism

For the liberal contingency in the United States to claim that we must appease, negotiate and allow Nation States like Iran and their leadership which go out of their way to fund and sponsor international terrorism; I say to you; whose team are you on anyway? The United cannot and must never be bullied into appeasement of the killing of innocent people by International Terrorists. One gentleman from Iran now living in the UK states;

“You cannot be bullied? Have you not realised that you are the bullies?”

I had crossed my mind, until I started doing international business in my company. Saw what I had to deal with and then considered the problematic nature of corruption and religious fanaticism. Additionally the outlandish promises coming from Iran to blow Israel off the map; what you find that good behavior, especially from a nation who seeks to continue to manufacture nuclear warheads and Atomic Bombs? Our UK friends next states;

“You advocate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land that they have lived on for centuries.”

They cannot seem to get along, send suicide bombers in to blow up innocent people. Sorry, I am not going to support such terrorism. And I said move them to Zimbabwee, where they can have a much better life and will not have to deal with any Jewish People, therefore will not grow up wanting to kill them. Zimbabwee seems to be okay with squatters and it is a beautiful country where the Palestinians are sure to be able to get along with the locals. Consider this in 2006.